Wood Chips

Our mixed hardwoods are properly cut and split, aged and dried to fit your needs. Delivery costs may depend upon your location.
Because demand has been greater than the supply in recent years, we suggest you phone for a quote and to reserve your wood early. We look forward to serving your needs for many years.



As we see greater disturbances of our weather patterns, we’re starting to understand the more serious nature of power disruptions and fuel supplies. A backyard woodpile can offer some additional “old-fashioned” insurance against those long, cold nights when the electricity is disrupted or the fuel truck is behind schedule. Then, of course, there’s nothing like a cozy fire in the fireplace or at the campsite.

Wood Chips

Our all-natural landscape chips are a beautiful brown color and free of all dyes or stains. Because we make our chips from the many trees we remove, we’re able to recycle our wood and provide quality wood chips at a very reasonable price.

Note: 1 cubic yard=27 cubic feet.
1 cubic yard of chips will cover approximately 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 3 inches deep.

Please phone us for a quote, availability, and delivery details.

Stump grinding is usually the last procedure, once a tree has been removed. Pro Tree Services has the machinery to efficiently grind and remove your stumps with a minimal disruption of the surrounding area.

To discuss your project with a “Pro”, please phone Mark at (920) 495-TREE. (8733)


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