Tree Trimming

Tree removal, if necessary, is best performed by experienced, insured professionals who have all the necessary equipment and training for the job. The right people with the right training, experience, equipment, and cost-saving procedures!


Safe, Efficient, Economical, and Timely

Pro Tree Services specializes in safe, efficient, economical, and timely tree removals that minimize collateral damage and leave a minimum “foot print”. We take pride in our environmental stewardship and our work site clean-up.

Professionally Trained

Trees with bad tops can be VERY dangerous. Even small, falling branches dislodged by vibrations from cutting the trunk can become deadly missiles to those below. “Sprung” limbs or trunks can unexpectedly propel trees into a nearby home, power lines, or your wife’s favorite rose bush. All of these can be very serious! Our team understands this and is professionally trained to intelligently anticipate most of the “unexpected”.

Stump grinding is usually the last procedure, once a tree has been removed. Pro Tree Services has the machinery to efficiently grind and remove your stumps with a minimal disruption of the surrounding area.

To discuss your project with a “Pro”, please phone Mark at (920) 495-TREE. (8733)

Tree Trimming


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